Zbraslav Office

Health Centre Zbraslav, 2nd floor
Žitavského 497
156 00 Prague 5 — Zbraslav

Phone: 773 469 848

Opening hours


Our Treatments can include

  • acute and chronic back pain, joint pain
  • post injury and operations
  • neurological diseases
  • infertility or incontinence

We offer advice on

  • how to adjust your movement in order to avoid reoccuring problems
  • the selection of suitable physical activities and compensatory excercises
  • appropriate remedial exercises for the spine
  • ergonomic adjustments to fit your workplace

Methods of Physiotherapy

  • mobilization and soft tissue techniques
  • activating the deep stabilisation system
  • exercises using an overball, a large ball, unstable surfaces, elastic bands
  • treatments according to Ludmila Mojžíšová
  • Taping

Price list

Treatment without doctor´s referral (direct payment)

Entrance examination and therapy (55min.): 850 - 950 CZK

Individual physiotherapy (one visit - 40min.): 750-850 CZK

Taping according to the range: 150-300 CZK

Classical and sports Massage

back and neck / legs, arms / neck only

length 60-90 min., price 800-1200 CZK

Insurance companies

We are contracted providers of following insurance companies:

  • VZP - Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna ČR
  • OZP - Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna zaměstnanců bank, pojišťoven a stavebnictví
  • ZPMV - Zdravotní pojišťovna ministerstva vnitra ČR
  • VOZP - Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna ČR
  • ČPZP - Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna

About us


Mgr. Lucie Fričová

holds a Master's degree in Physiotherapy from the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, worked as a Physiotherapist at the Neurological clinic in Motol, since 2010 as a private provider in Zbraslav

Completed courses

Mgr. Lucie Fričová - Completed courses

  • Soft and mobilization techniques (Dr. Poděbradský, Mgr. Poděbradská)
  • Quadrupedal locomotion (J. Čápová, Mgr. Debowski)
  • Methodology of sensorimotor stimulation (PhDr. Alena Herbenová)
  • Physical Therapy (MUDr. Poděbradský, Mgr. Urban)
  • Manual therapy according to Mojžíšová (PaeDr. Pavel Švejcar)
  • Medical Taping Concept (Krestová)
  • Ergonomics in physiotherapeutic practice (Mgr. Skýpala)